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Clash Music
Nina Walsh is a groundbreaking composer, performer and producer. Her path in music began when, at aged thirteen, she decided it would be cooler to learn to play the guitar than the oboe. She studied Spanish classical for 4 years and soon began writing her own compositions......

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Tundra And Sunflakes
his beautiful album practically dropped down on my lap this morning, and i have been spinning it since then. I love the artwork on this compilation, it’s beautiful you need to see it for yourself. And Orb has chosen some nice warm tracks to this “Russian” only CD. Everyone’s on it, The Orb, HFB, Nina Walsh, Rootmasters and Transit Kings.....

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The Rootmasters are Dr Alex Paterson, taking time out from completing an amazing new Orb album, and Nina Walsh, whose been ploughing her own unique electronic furrow for the last 15 years since running Sabrettes and collaborating with all sorts of well-known guitar and classically-trained Audrey Riley's cello, one of the album's defining sounds......

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Cargo Records
Bright Lights & Filthy Nights This new album is her most personal yet, both intimate and other-worldy, underpinned with a gamut of emotions and a healthy dose of Nina's humour. The haunting Sweetest Cure wafts in on a bed of flutey tones intertwining with Nina's guitar and classically-trained Audrey Riley's cello, one of the album's defining sounds......

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Bob Meyer's Folk Companion
I’m so glad that Nina Walsh has a track on her album Bright Lights and Filthy Nights called ‘Industrial Folk’, because that’s a great way of describing some of the tracks on the new disc. Nina has managed to create a very warm modern folk record that reminds me of nothing else......

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Nina Walsh - DJMix Podcast Series - Clash
Audio Posted by Tristan Parker Thu, 03/12/2009 Having worked with Andrew Weatherall (on both his Sabres of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen projects) and The Orb......

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Safe Concerts - Bright Lights & Filthy Nights
Nina Walsh Releases Bright Lights & Filthy Nights From making and releasing seminal techno records throughout the 90s on Sabrettes to outlandish industrial noise experimentations on her own C-Pij imprint, devilish break infestations..........

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Sounds XP review - Bright Lights & Filthy Nights
Having a CV that includes a tribal techno album, collaborations with great names in electronic music and an album cover with a 1950s ‘happy days’ print, Nina Walsh does not come across as your traditional folk songstress. You could expect Euphoria beats bursting out of your stereo on the inset of the first song. Yet, in the same style of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons with ‘Mysteries’, Nina Walsh has immersed herself into folk music for her album ‘Bright Lights and Filthy Nights’, creating an alluring and intriguing album with 1960s acid folk overtones brought to life by ambient and dreamy electronic melodies. Vocals and guitar are the backbone of this album, with strings appearing to enhance the evocative and intimate nature of the songs. ‘Love Leech’ and ‘Strong’ stir up the beat with catchy pop that bursts from bare guitar and viola. Nina Walsh’s name might still have been known only in specific music circles but this album has the beauty and the magic that transcends genres and should give her the popularity she deserves.

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DJ Magazine Memo's Review August 2005
You might say it'd be rude to refer to a songstress like Nina Walsh as a veteran. After all you should never ask a woman her age, let alone infer that she is old enough to be a veteran. Nonetheless that is exactly what she is - in the nicest sense of the word of course! Having cut her teeth with the likes of Primal Scream, Andrew Weatherall and The Orb, lets just say she knows a song when she writes one and knows a melody when she plays one. Two qualities that come across in spades within "Memo's," an album that evokes emotive memories of Canterbury style folk, the haunting song-writing prowess of America's country greats and the subtle electronic magic of Delia Derbyshire and The Radiophonic Workshop. A fine combination if ever there was one!
4/5 Found Sounds

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2LS - further reminders
.... Two separate versions of "Tiny Reminder No. 1" by C-Pij (isn't this a label and not a band?) start and end the record. The first take assembles the digital gurgles of the original track, while C-Pij add a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, organ, and assorted keyboards to create a moving little track that almost seems like latter-era Swans. The track is enhanced further on the C-Pij "vocal mix" that closes the album, as the same instrumental backing is used behind a singer who sounds a bit like Hope Sandoval...

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